As noted earlier this spring in Town Halls and a CIRES blog post, the Regents decided against raises for most CU Boulder faculty and university staff this year. You can read more about their decision here.

The decision for merit increases (the only type of annual raises the CU system allows for university staff and researchers) is made by the Regents. They dictate if we can allocate funds through a “merit pool” and how much this pool will be. It is still under consideration as to whether there will be a merit increase in January 2022. This decision will be influenced by how healthy budgets are after the fall enrollment figures are finalized in mid-September. The state legislature may give Classified Staff cost-of-living increases, but CIRES has no Classified Staff, so we must adhere to the decisions of the Regents. 

We’re advocating for a merit process at all levels and will keep CIRES employees posted on any updates