Hello CIRES colleagues,

During this week’s Town Hall meeting, there were some questions about on-campus parking options for those who will begin returning to campus in the coming months. We contacted Parking Services and received the following answers to some of the questions that were asked:

Question:  Is there a part-time or hybrid-employee parking permit option?  

Answer:  There is no hybrid-employee parking permit. Employees can purchase a daily permit ($10.00), weekly permit ($19.00) or monthly permit ($60.00).

Question:  Can employees share a monthly permit? 

Answer:  Yes, provided both vehicles are registered on the permit. Only one of the vehicles can be parked on campus at a time. Please note that the cost of the permit cannot be split between employees. One of the employees must have the total cost of the permit deducted from their payroll.

Question:  If my permit is on hold, when will I need to decide if I am going to re-activate it? 

Answer:  Employees should plan to cancel or take their permit off hold by July 31. More information on this will be communicated by Parking Services in the summer.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions about on-campus parking.

Thank you,

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