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Chat Transcript

08:59:05 From Jeff D. : That’s Angels Landing in Zion. I just did that hike about two weeks ago
08:59:10 From Jeff D. : Good class 3 at that point
09:00:55 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Meeting ID: 923 1338 2668
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
09:01:29 From doug haller : I was thinking WoooHooo (and don’t fall)
09:01:34 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Welcome! We’ll start in just a minute or so
09:06:22 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Questions here or raise your hand !
09:06:59 From Kelly C : Could you please update us on ceiling issue?
09:07:06 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Got it, Kelly C
09:07:23 From Christine Wiedinmyer : CIRES anonymous feedback:
09:07:34 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Thanks, Christine!
09:07:44 From Katy Human (she/hers) : For annual report help:
09:08:52 From Eleanor Waxman : I was confused about the December 25-Jan 1 holiday announcement yesterday. Does this apply to people working at DSRC who operate on the federal calendar rather than the CU calendar?
09:09:07 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Got it, Eleanor – lots want to know. We’ll address this soon
09:10:57 From Mark C. Serreze : What about those who refuse to vaccinate?
09:11:14 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Got it, Mark.
09:11:17 From Sylvia Murphy : Confused by the 2% bonus being calculated over a six-month period. Does that mean a) 2% of half an annual salary (which would really be 1%) or b) 2% of the annual salary as calculated over those six months?
09:11:42 From Angela Knight – CIRES : @ Sylvia – I’ll speak to that during Q&A
09:15:31 From Katy Human (she/hers) :
09:16:17 From Christine Wiedinmyer : it’s going to be GREAT!!
09:16:25 From Katy Human (she/hers) : I’m so excited re. Topia!
09:17:22 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Disco, I heard???
09:17:41 From Dawn Umpleby : It’s going to be AWESOME!!!
09:18:00 From Katy Human (she/hers) : And Dawn and Meg and CMC….
09:18:46 From Jeff D. : I might have missed this, but why were we required to submit poster files so far in advance of the Rendezvous?
09:18:52 From Linda Pendergrass : Big Kudos to the CMC/Rendezvous committee-Meg Tilton and Dawn Umpleby!! They have put amazing work in to Topia, thank you!!
09:19:15 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Jeff: Because the IT team had to upload each one individually – the time required was pretty onerous
09:20:11 From Margaret Tilton : Hi Jeff, we also have to customize the info for posters (links, pdfs/jpgs, thumbnails, etc.) before uploading.
09:23:32 From Kelly C : Susan, Is the anti racism class we just got via CUHR email the same as the previous Equity Challenge course or different?
09:24:23 From Susan Sullivan : I think it’s based on the Antiracism I course we took on Coursera. Antiracism II is not up yet.
09:24:38 From Jeff D. : Can I get a link to the “return to research” form?
09:25:07 From Katy Human (she/hers) : CIRES:
09:25:27 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Direct to RIO:
09:25:31 From Kelly C : Susan, OK. Thanks.
09:25:55 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Keep typing questions here! I’ve got a bunch already – thanks!
09:26:26 From Alison Banwell : For those who have already been granted return to research on campus, and have been fully vaccinated, is there still a requirement to be tested for Covid weekly? (i.e. via the campus testing sites)
09:26:57 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Got it, Alison
09:27:26 From Leslie Hartten : What is the “ceiling issue”?
09:28:07 From Susan Sullivan : Kelly, I just looked at it and now I’m not sure its the same thing. I’ll find out and share in the Teams Community of Practice space.
09:28:53 From Kelly C : Thanks, Susan. I’ll look for some info there later and pass on to our group at DSRC.
09:29:05 From Christine Wiedinmyer : yes, thank you!!
09:29:21 From Leslie Hartten : Thank you! I thought, reading the question, that it was an on-campus office infrastructure issue 🙂
09:29:32 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Lol, +Leslie!
09:29:51 From Chris Senff : Could you elaborate on the COVID vaccination requirement, especially for DSRC based employees? NOAA does not mandate vaccination to return to the DSRC (whenever that may be).
09:30:06 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Got it, Chris S
09:32:04 From Jeff D. : So if NOAA is given special holidays that are not recognized by CU, are we DSRC folks allowed to take those special NOAA holidays?
09:32:30 From Joe McGlinchy : are we mandated to take those 2 personal days during that week dec 27-dec31? for the winter break concept
09:32:58 From Jeff D. : Sometimes POTUS or the Sec. of Commerce will announce an extra holiday day off or give 4 hours off before another holiday. Do we get to take those if we work in DSRC?
09:35:54 From Joe McGlinchy : thanks!
09:46:06 From Margaret A Tolbert : I think you can share a permit by putting two cars from different people on one permit. This would work for people who are hoteling.
09:46:08 From Katy Human (she/hers) : I wonder if you could share a spot with someone on the opposite schedule as you
09:46:13 From Katy Human (she/hers) : +1 Maggie 🙂
09:46:53 From Marin Klinger : I was told you can share in the past
09:47:07 From Jay Patel : … I think it is per car (license plate)
09:47:31 From Christine Wiedinmyer : you can have multiple plates on one permit
09:47:36 From Steve Tanner : On the vaccine requirement: Is there a process for visitors?
09:47:53 From Waleed Abdalati : you can have multiple plates, but in the past, those plates needed one owner
09:48:01 From April Laliberte : I purchased a few day passes at a discount because I’ve had a parking pass in the past. It’s a great deal! They are pieces of paper that the Parking Services prints out for you that never expire…that could get you thorough this “strange” time without requiring a full pass.
09:48:07 From Gretchen Richard : CU Covid Vaccination Requirements & Process FAQ page indicates students, faculty and staff should not inquire about an individual’s vaccine status, which is considered protected health information.
09:48:22 From Angela Knight – CIRES : COVID 19 monitoring on campus will not be required after May 10. However still available as an option until Aug 6. Daily Buff Pass will also not be required after May 10, but optional through Aug 6. More info here:
09:48:22 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Got it, STeve
09:48:34 From Christine Wiedinmyer : and the restoration service is through Kroll?
09:48:45 From Sylvia Murphy : unfortunately, once your information is out there, it is a life-long risk.
09:49:16 From Nathan Campbell : Yes, the restoration service is through Kroll
09:49:17 From Jeff D. : also, most credit card companies are now pretty friendly about dealing with fraudulent charges as it is. I’d say your risk of getting hurt is decreasing on the long-term
09:49:26 From Lucia she/her/hers : +1 Sylvia Murphy. Freeze your credit!
09:50:00 From Jeff D. : Also, get your free annual credit report every year! You can get three of them, so split it up every 4 months for optimal coverage!
09:50:52 From Nathan Campbell : +1 Jeff. Good idea.
09:52:12 From Courtney Peck : Will everyone be eligible for the 2% or will promotions or raises make some people ineligible?
09:53:53 From Angela Knight – CIRES : @ Courtney – promotions will not affect one’s eligibility for the pandemic payment. However, there will be a “hired by” eligibility date that is TBD.
09:58:30 From LuAnn B Line : To clarify the multiple vehicles on parking permits, that is for carpools and all of the members of the carpool can have their vehicle registered on the 1 parking permit.
10:03:55 From Kelly C : I agree, these are helpful townhall/updates. Thank you for hosting them.
10:04:04 From Joe McGlinchy : thank you!
10:04:06 From Margaret Tilton : Thanks!
10:04:18 From Molly Hardman : Thanks!
10:04:24 From Karin Vergoth : Thanks!
10:04:25 From Jay Patel : Thanks
10:04:25 From Linda Pendergrass : Thanks Waleed and SMT!!
10:04:29 From Max Boykoff (he/him) : Thanks everyone.
10:04:32 From Leslie Hartten : Thanks!
10:04:37 From Dave : Thanks!
10:04:49 From Antonietta Capotondi : Thank you!