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09:01:53 From Katy Human (she/hers) : all: please feel free to type questions in here, or save them for the end and unmute yourself. I’m always happy to ask anonymous questions on your behalf
09:02:48 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Moment of silence for Boulder shooting victims and families and community
09:03:25 From Katy Human (she/hers) :
09:03:52 From Katy Human (she/hers) : May 21
09:07:05 From Katy Human (she/hers) :
09:07:33 From Katy Human (she/hers) : April 12 ASA info:
09:07:46 From Angela Knight – CIRES : It will be held APril 12
09:10:44 From Katy Human (she/hers) : First Friday meetup info: BIPOC identifying people email Yasko Endo at, white-identifying people email
09:12:27 From Katy Human (she/hers) : EarthWeek science at home series so far: and email to join
09:24:31 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Vaccine info at CU Boulder: (for employees only)
09:24:31 From Megan Littrell : There is a great Facebook group “Colorado Vaccine Hunters” that helps people find appointments. Also
09:24:45 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Thanks, Megan!
09:25:01 From Katy Human (she/hers) : thanks
09:27:03 From Catherine A Smith : what if you open window, close door, and remove mask?
09:27:54 From Lucia she/her/hers : Thank you.
09:28:06 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Echo?
09:28:18 From Irina Petropavlovskikh : yes,
09:28:18 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Others hearing this?
09:28:23 From Michael Brandt : yes
09:28:23 From Ronda Knott : Yes
09:28:26 From Kathleen A Bogan : yes
09:30:32 From Katy Human (she/hers) : SOLESS =
09:30:38 From Roy Miller : air is complete exhausted and changed at least 2 and perhaps 4 times a day. Opening windows in office spaces negatively affects the air exchange.
09:30:43 From Chris Torrence : Is the air filtration also better now in RL2?
09:30:47 From Roy Miller : in DSRC that is
09:31:28 From Irina Petropavlovskikh : Is HAwaai considered domestic?
09:31:32 From Irina Petropavlovskikh : Hawaii
09:33:00 From Megan Littrell : Is the air in RL2 also filtered like in other buildings mentioned?
09:38:47 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Anonymous way to get feedback to Waleed:
09:39:22 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Or email directly
09:40:02 From Jay Patel : As nobody has responded and having experience in HVAC systems, RL2 does seem to have a forced fan HVAC system and has a more localized heating and cooling per room system. So, I do not think it can easily be upgraded to allow extra air filtration.
09:40:08 From Blake Graham : that seems like a privileged comment to say that it’s “okay” to skip merit increases for just a year
09:40:12 From Nathan Campbell : In regards to campus ventilation (including RL2):
09:40:27 From Stephanie Wong : Didn’t soft money people also not get merit increases last year? So it’s actually two years?
09:41:28 From Waleed Abdalati : yes. it is two years. sorry if I didn’t convey that
09:42:19 From Roy Miller : in regards to merit raises, please don’t forget that we also haven’t experienced furlough or salary reductions….
09:42:47 From Julia A Collins : This is not the first time in CIRES history that soft money people have not been able to apply their funds to merit increases. It’s a complex situation and there’s no way to make everyone happy.
09:45:57 From Roy Miller : While many can perform their work with only an internet connection, there are many other work functions that require staff to be on-site. Our ability to perform work with “only an internet connection” is not universally true.
09:49:23 From Aaron Sweeney : For those working at DSRC, CAC card renewals, PIN lockout resets, and some software and hardware upgrades of government-furnished equipment require a physical return to a government facility to process.
09:51:21 From Hilary Peddicord : Waleed for Senate! Just Kidding. Don’t go. : )
09:55:08 From Roy Miller : Flexability in where we end up on the Return to Work spectrum is extremely important to me. I would love to see a “regular” schedule of a couple days work from home and 3 days work on site for myself, as both work sites offer advantages.
09:55:14 From Lucia she/her/hers : Thank you!
09:55:21 From Michael Gallagher : Waleed, Michael Gallagher from NOAA here. Thank you for your thoughtful and measured words on remote work. While I understand the concerns, and I myself believe that in-person community is a fundamental component of successful scientific research, I would like you to keep in mind that providing the option for someone to work remotely does not mean that all people will choose remote work. Or perhaps worded better, remote work as an option will likely not lead to the dissolution of our wonderful research community
09:56:14 From Gretchen Richard : As standard practice, CU includes an inflation factor in proposal budgets, including on salaries. This allows the funding agencies to acknowledge and approve annual increases in the cost of salary but they rely on the policies at the awardee’s institution to determine the salary rate, including increases, to be paid to employees.
09:57:33 From Rick Tisinai : Thank you Waleed and the CIRES team!
09:58:00 From Eric Schnepp : Thank you for going through and addressing the pre-submitted questions.
09:58:07 From Angela Knight – CIRES : Thank you, everyone!
09:58:11 From Angela Knight – CIRES : Thanks, Waleed and Katy!
09:58:12 From April Laliberte : Thanks everyone and Waleed!
09:58:16 From Joe McGlinchy : thank you… Hopefully the foggy answers become more clear in the near future!
09:58:22 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Glad the pre-submitted questions happened! We’ll keep doing that
09:58:33 From Roy Miller : thank you CIRES admin for these meetings!
09:58:39 From Shilpi Gupta : Thanks Waleed & the CIRES team!
09:58:48 From Hilary Peddicord : Great to see so many folks are on the beach or a vacation landscape! Hope you all are well.
09:58:53 From Michael Gallagher : Thank you Waleed!
09:58:56 From Katherine Leonard : Thank you! Regarding the remote work / community issues, is someone keeping tabs on attendance at these meetings? It seems like far higher attendance than I ever saw in the in-person meetings…
09:59:15 From Rebecca Stossmeister : thank you, Waleed, and all for this discussion!
09:59:16 From Katy Human (she/hers) : LOL! Yes, We are +KL