February 14, 2022 UPDATE: Please see the newest inclement weather guidance here.

Given the potential for inclement weather over the weekend and into Monday, this is a reminder of the current weather-related protocols for campus and DSRC-based employees. 

DSRC-based employees: Follow local guidance from NOAA building regarding delays and closures. Employees should be prepared to work remotely as appropriate.

Campus-based employees: Under current circumstances, both in-person and remote regular employees will receive administrative leave for campus delays and closures. In the event of a delay, individual units may still hold meetings remotely, so please confirm necessary scheduling with your supervisor. If an employee chooses to work during a delay or needs to attend meetings remotely, administrative leave cannot be used at another time. Additional guidance is highlighted below. Please see this link for complete protocols, including guidance for our teaching faculty.

Details for employees working on campus or remotely
  • Administrative leave is granted to regular employees for their scheduled work hours during the period of closure. You will not need to adjust your timesheets.
  • Certain remote meetings may still need to take place. Check with your department for further guidance. 
  • University Staff employees who are eligible for overtime enter in admin leave for this day on their timesheets.
  • Regular part-time employees or those paid on an hourly basis (such as variable percent employees) who are normally scheduled to work when a closure occurs are given paid administrative leave for their regular scheduled work hours. You will not need to adjust your timesheets.
  • Temporary (including retirees hired into temporary positions) and student employees are not eligible for administrative leave.
  • Employees who are already on approved annual, sick, or other type of leave when a closure occurs will not be given paid administrative leave for their scheduled work hours during the period of closure.
  • If you experience a temporary power outage during work hours and are unable to work, you do not need to take leave or adjust your timesheet.