Chat Transcipt

10:06:08 From Jimena Ugaz : Good morning everyone! You will receive a survey today soliciting feedback on last week’s and today’s trainings! We would appreciate your feedback, so that we can continue improving our training offerings. Survey is anonymous!
10:08:40 From Lisa Bengtsson : Will these slides be available somewhere after the training?
10:09:35 From Angela Knight : Hi Lisa – Yes, we will be posting the slides and recordings on InsideCIRES.
10:10:33 From Lisa Bengtsson : thanks!
10:10:55 From Jimena Ugaz : Dear Lisa: Here is your page for all Supervisor Resources:
10:11:05 From Lisa Bengtsson : Thanks guys!
10:20:45 From Chuck Brock : Could the New Hire letter be sent sooner than one week before the start date? That seems very late given all the forms and other steps for them to take.
10:22:33 From Jimena Ugaz : Dear Chuck: I will let Angela and LuAnn weigh in here. What happens quite often is that the employee’s clearance is not completed until days before the start date. This is very common at DSRC. Until clearance is not completed, the employee can not be confirmed or entered into the CU systems. Thus, their employee number is not yet ready.
10:23:46 From Jimena Ugaz : And various steps on which the employee receives instructions in that email cannot be completed without the employee being in our CU HR systems
10:25:21 From Aaron Sweeney : Lucia, is this when it would be appropriate to bring in the new employee’s CIRES CMC Reps as a way of introduction to the CMC’s role and their section’s specific reps?
10:25:34 From LuAnn B Line : Hello everyone. The reason the New Hire Welcome email goes out about a week before the start date is because the new hire entry has to be completed and approved in HCM so the employee id is generated and the email address is assigned.
10:28:46 From Jenny : Note that they cannot forward their NOAA email to their CU account.
10:28:48 From Roy Miller : Please note that we are not allowed to forward our NOAA email account to any other email account.
10:29:05 From Chuck Brock : Thanks, Jimena.
10:29:38 From Aaron Sweeney : That makes sense. Thanks, Lucia.
10:31:28 From Gabriel Toy : Who is our point of contact for checking on status of security clearance and IT setup? I have a new hire arriving on June 1.
10:32:21 From Gabriel Toy : Thanks, Lucia. I’ll follow up by e-mail.
10:35:35 From cathy : Are people told about creating a CU professional page? Orcid or similar for research ids?
10:35:39 From cathy : sorry if I missed this.
10:38:07 From Angela Knight : Thanks, Cathy. We’ll check on this in a moment.
10:39:19 From Jenny : LOL – to be clear, no marijuana is allowed on site.
10:41:57 From Gabriel Toy : Lucia. During my orientation, you recommended I participate in the public tour. That was great! (Hopefully, they’ll start again someday.)
10:42:43 From Laura Riihimaki : Does the DSRC have any gender neutral bathrooms we can tell new employees about?
10:43:39 From Angela Knight : Thanks, Laura. We will ask this when there is a pause.
10:43:49 From Lesley L. Smith : what happens if myleave is NOT submitted?
10:44:00 From Jenny : Laura, I don’t think so but that is a great idea. I’ll mention it to the ESRL Director.
10:44:05 From Bianca Baier : Apologies if I’ve missed this, but if a new postdoc is starting a position, are they automatically signed up for the CIRES postdoc email list so that they can feel like they have a group of colleagues with which to interact and engage? If not, how do we access this?
10:46:26 From Lesley L. Smith : does the supervisee or supervisor set up email notifications to the supervisor associated with myleave?
10:46:51 From cathy : I think new hires won’t know that the professional pages exist. also that CU uses the research id’s.
10:47:38 From Mike Hobbins : You could also show them the lactation room, if CIRES people are now permitted to use it.
10:47:57 From Bianca Baier : OK great — thank you — that is really helpful!
10:49:02 From Lesley L. Smith : mike: I think lactation room and other dsrc room access depends on if employee is US citizen or not.
10:49:17 From kelly carignan : When we are back in office, evacuation information could be provided by supervisor or evacuation coordinator for the division or group.
10:50:04 From Mike Hobbins : @Lesley, There used to be bizarre rules about that; looks like that hasn’t changed.
10:50:55 From Jenny : I think the issue with foreign nationals and the lactation room is the need to have a Federal escort. If they have a LUA (Limited Unescorted Access) that includes the lactation room, it should be allowable.
10:53:06 From Angela Knight : @ Lesley – if leave is not submitted and approved in a timely manner (on a monthly basis) it can be problematic when the individual leaves CIRES/CU as they will not necessarily have accurate leave accrual amounts which can result in payout of excess vacation leave as supervisors and supervisees don’t remember which leave the individuals took. Also, it can be even more challenging to try and track past leave usage after the fact in cases where an employee is leaving the university involuntarily in cases of separation due to lack of funding or as a result of disciplinary actions.
10:55:14 From Bianca Baier : Hi Lucia — the [relatively new] CIRES Mentoring Program might also be a good thing to mention when onboarding individuals (for all career levels).
10:55:40 From Lesley L. Smith : Thanks, all! (Have to go to another meeting.)
10:57:18 From Laura Riihimaki : Lucia, who should initiate the welcome, 1 month and 6 month follow up meetings with you? Should I be doing that as a supervisor or do you initiate those meetings?
10:59:54 From Aaron Sweeney : A number of conferences have moved to virtual presence. There is still a meeting registration fee and/or abstract submission fee. How should approvals be handled in this case?
11:02:03 From Aaron Sweeney : so no need to submit a travel request?
11:02:46 From Aaron Sweeney : Thanks!
11:04:13 From Laura Riihimaki : Thanks!
11:06:47 From kelly carignan : thank you!
11:06:49 From Roy Miller : Thanks all & Lucia!
11:06:57 From Aaron Sweeney : Thanks!
11:06:58 From Jenny : Thanks all!