Chat Transcript

09:05:11 From Gijs de Boer : Thanks for bringing that up Waleed. Looked at this this past weekend and realized that I was likely to lose around 7 weeks of leave in July. Trying to figure out how to solve that…
09:06:12 From Mary Jo Brodzik : I had to confirm this myself recently, so want to pass it along: I understand for part-time employees that we accrue vacaton/sick at prorated basis, but the cap is still the same at 352 hours regardless.
09:07:19 From Angela Knight : Hi all – A quick correction to Waleed’s comment. Though PT employees earn vacation/sick at a pro-rated amount, the overall cap of 352 operates in the same way for ALL employees. Hope that helps. Thanks!
09:10:30 From Anthony W Veale : In the past few years, I’ve seen the cap applied in other months than July. Is that not supposed to be the case?
09:11:06 From Katy Human (she/hers) : The kickoff meeting was good
09:11:25 From Susan Sullivan : Thank you to everyone who is participating! I’m happy there are so many CIRES people there.
09:12:54 From Jimena Ugaz : It is a coursera 3-week free course that you can complete at your pace. It is free and rated #1 course on Antiracism
09:13:26 From Mike Hobbins : Can someone remind us how to find which trainings we’re due to complete?
09:13:27 From Angela Knight : @Anthony – you’re correct that the actual “sweeping” of leave has taken place at different times over the summer and even into early fall, however the 352 is still reviewed as of the June 30th date.
09:13:41 From Lucia she/her/hers : If you’re not sure how to check if you’re in compliance, instructions are here:
09:14:25 From Mike Hobbins : Thanks, Lucia.
09:14:33 From Amanda Morton : How are students defined? Just CU students? I’m thinking of our employees that work with community college students during the summer REU
09:14:47 From Katy Human (she/hers) :
09:15:22 From Katy Human (she/hers) : testing:
09:16:15 From Angela Knight : @ Amanda – yes, the student facing aspect largely refers to teaching faculty and staff who directly support CU students and their programs on a daily basis and within close contact. Those people are likely already working on campus due to the nature of their roles, but we will be getting more details on this new phase from campus and will keep folks posted on that finalized guidance.
09:16:22 From Lucia she/her/hers : Boulder Medical Center patients are not automatically registered (unlike UC Health or Kaiser). You have to sign up at
09:16:36 From Anthony W Veale : I mean that in recent years I have never had more than 352 hours of vacation listed. I.e. I lost vacation time the moment that I would have accrued more than 352 hours. Any month.
09:18:00 From Angela Knight : Hi Anthony – I can’t speak directly to your situation, but we’re happy to look into it or have a member of our leave team comment. Please feel free to reach out to LuAnn at and we can look at your inquiry. Thanks.
09:18:48 From Lucia she/her/hers : When we moved to MyLeave in 2018 CIRES HR stopped capping the accruals manually at 352. This means up to that time you could not accrue above 352. Now you can, but the leave is “swept” once a year on 07/01.
09:25:19 From Mistia Zuckerman : You mentioned people who work with students are not a higher priority for vaccines. I was thinking this meant teaching faculty. What about employees who supervise students?
09:26:15 From Suzanne Craig : Wanted to check – if power is going to be cut at my home, do I take sick or vacation leave for that day or is it treated as a snow day (take the day off but don’t log anything on myLeave)?
09:27:55 From Mark Serreze : As teaching faculty who is on campus teaching hybrid, I have to be tested on a weekly basis
09:27:57 From Katy Human (she/hers) : If you have an anonymous question, please feel free to dm me
09:28:36 From Suzanne Craig : Yes, it’s a one off thing (according to Edison). Thanks!
09:29:23 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Feel free to unmute yourself if you have a question to ask out loud
09:30:00 From Lucia she/her/hers : Is on-campus also for DSRC located employees (i.e. should those working at NOAA onsite be getting weekly tests?)
09:31:10 From Jennifer Balch : I’m getting a lot of questions from my staff about future remote working possibilities (after a return to research in-person). Does CIRES have any new guidance on this?
09:36:19 From Jennifer Balch : Thanks Waleed.
09:37:38 From Lucia she/her/hers : Thank you for the clarification!
09:37:51 From Roy Miller : Is home considered “on-site” these days?
09:39:11 From Paul E Johnston : Where can we park on campus?
09:39:21 From Paul E Johnston : YEs
09:39:39 From Christine Wiedinmyer : i haven’t even paid!
09:40:35 From Paul E Johnston : Thanks
09:42:05 From doug haller : I have received a free test monthly via Boulder County at Stazio Field. Nasal swab. The last test results were returned in 36 hours. Free, 10 minutes once you’re there.
09:42:16 From Christine Wiedinmyer : +1 doug
09:42:30 From Paul E Johnston : Is CIRES keeping track of who has been vacinnated?
09:42:57 From Paul E Johnston : Any word on travel for field work?
09:43:27 From Angela Knight : Hi Paul – no, that’s considered personal information regarding vaccination and CU is not going to mandate vaccines.
09:43:28 From Phil Handley : yeah, Boulder stazio field is done by “Mako” They also have a site in Longmont at the Fairgrounds for anyone that lives a bit further north…
09:44:47 From Lucia she/her/hers : Additional leave guidance (effective January 1)
09:44:59 From Roy Miller : if individual staff members want to voluntarily inform CIRES when they’ve received a COVID vaccine, would that be worth tracking?
09:46:03 From Gretchen Richard : Regarding travel, campus continues to have suspension on travel but exceptions can be made. Contact for more information on how to request an exception.
09:46:58 From Lucia she/her/hers : Reminder: DSRC embedded employees do not get any Spring Break days off.
09:48:27 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Thanks, everyone!!
09:48:34 From kelly carignan : Thanks!
09:48:43 From Brandi McCarty : When we do go out on field work, can we require vaccines for participants?
09:49:16 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Great question, Brandi – Angela?
09:49:53 From Angela Knight : @ Brandi – Because CU can’t require vaccines, CIRES would not be able to mandate vaccines.
09:50:13 From Brandi McCarty : Do we write this requirement into proposals?
09:50:17 From Roy Miller : @ Brandi – I don’t believe NOAA can mandate that either.
09:50:29 From Brandi McCarty : thanks
09:52:32 From Jimena Ugaz : The link to Lucia’s training was sent to you from the CIRES Message center Monday morning. Here is the link
09:53:30 From Aaron Sweeney : Thanks!
09:53:53 From Susan Sullivan : Great to see everyone! Thank you for doing these Town Halls.
09:53:53 From Linda Pendergrass : Thanks Waleed!
09:53:54 From Roy Miller : thanks all!