Chat Transcript

10:02:41 From Angela Knight : Welcome, everyone! We’ll get started in 1 minute. Please feel free to put questions in the chat and we’ll answer as we move through the training. Thank you for being here!
10:19:27 From Laura : I am still not able to see the slides
10:19:47 From Sylvia Murphy : I can see them
10:19:48 From Matt Cogon : I can still see the slides
10:19:49 From Amanda Leon : I can see them
10:19:50 From Heather Yocum : I can see them
10:19:56 From Mike Hobbins : I see them
10:20:00 From Madeline Sturgill : I can see them
10:20:15 From Angela Knight : Thanks, all!
10:24:23 From Mike Hobbins : Does Textio also test for inclusivity wrt race and other under-represented groups?
10:26:05 From Matt Cogon : Does the committee have access to textio that we can use prior to sending the posting to CIRES as a ticket?
10:26:54 From Matt Cogon : Thanks!
10:27:19 From Janet Machol : These will be suggested changes or mandatory changes?
10:29:07 From Matt Cogon : This is a great tool, thanks for sharing!
10:33:37 From Sylvia Murphy : I used to use Indeed to troll resumes and actively recruit for positions. They changed to a for-fee model for this. Does CU have an account we could use for this purpose.
10:41:15 From Lisa Bengtsson : If you select “no” and give a reason, will the portal that the candidates see be updated?
10:41:39 From Casey Kipple : If you are in the Search Committee view, that information will not be seen by the candidate.
10:41:51 From Lisa Bengtsson : Ok, thanks!
10:41:51 From Mike Hobbins : Turning people down after interview… do we need to write a more detailed “no thank you” letter, or are their script options for them too?
10:42:06 From Mike Hobbins : *there
10:42:26 From Casey Kipple : We do have some templates available for these notifications. I think it is always helpful to send a more personalized note for the candidates experience
10:42:33 From Mike Hobbins : Thanks.
10:42:51 From Mike Hobbins : I’ll email you for the templates.
10:43:08 From Casey Kipple : Sounds good! We are always happy to help and collaborate with you!
10:43:30 From Mark Serreze : What if the applicant offers protected information? Ignore and move on?
10:48:46 From Janet Machol : Are these surveys only sent out after final candidates are being considered? Often, people don’t want their references contacted unless they are a serious candidate.
10:49:17 From Angela Knight : Hi Janet, Yes, we would generally recommend SkillSurvey for the finalist round of candidates.
10:52:15 From Donna Scott : Along the way, I have heard that as a reference, I am unable to provide negative information b/c it can be viewed as defamation. Is this true? When you say this tool leads to candidness, I immediately go to being honest about challenges of the candidate which can be seen as negative.
10:55:57 From Matt Cogon : Would you recommend that supervisors touch base with references after interviewing finalists, or beforehand? I’m wondering if one or the other could lead to less bias in the decision making.
10:57:30 From Casey Kipple : I would say that this situation depends. We would need to confirm with the candidate that their current supervisor is aware that they are considering a new opportunity as we would not want to jeopardize that relationship. This is something that could occur after the interviews for additional follow up questions
10:58:32 From Casey Kipple : For internal employees we are considering for opportunities, I can also check their personnel file to see if there are any “red flags” (i.e. discipline/grievance, termination). We can always be transparent with internal candidates that we have checked their personnel file and can ask follow up questions as needed
10:59:51 From Casey Kipple : For the references, these can be shared before the interviews (the benefit is that this may yield opportunities for follow up questions), but, I do collaborate with other departments that prefer to see the references after the interviews if they feel bias might play a role. Overall, I would say it depends on the role, and would recommend we have consistency (i.e. sharing all before the interviews or after they have been completed). Let me know if this helps to answer you question!
11:05:49 From Mike Hobbins : My federal partners are reluctant to disposition candidates until after the offer letter has been signed by the candidate. How long can we wait?
11:06:39 From Angela Knight : We are over time. If you have to drop off, please view the recording later as needed. For those who are based at the DSRC, please join us next Wednesday@10 for a special segment on Onboarding within the NOAA Cooperative Agreement with Lucia Harrop. She will be joined by our CIRES Finance Managers for the labs. That will be the final segment in our current supervisor series. Thanks for joining us! Feel free to reach out to CIRES HR with any questions on this training.
11:07:17 From Casey Kipple : I would say it is ok for you to wait to disposition other finalists (i.e potential back up candidates) until the offer has been signed.
11:07:53 From Casey Kipple : For other candidates in the pool who did not advance as finalists, I would recommend dispositioning them earlier in the process