Chat Transcript

10:02:27 From Angela Knight : Good morning all! Kelly will be referencing the following documents during her presentation: Performance Rating Descriptors and Mitigating Bias in Performance Ratings:
10:04:59 From Heather Yocum : A bunch of folks including LuAnn were in the wrong Zoom call, so might be a bunch of late folks!
10:05:18 From Angela Knight : Thank you, Heather!
10:05:24 From Roy Miller : It might be good to relate that each meeting has a different Zoom link address
10:05:49 From Roy Miller : I’ve put the current Zoom url in the old meeting for folks there
10:06:07 From Angela Knight : Everyone – Kelly will be referencing two documents on Performance Rating Descriptors and Mitigating bias. Both will continue to be posted here during and after this training: Hey Angela here is where everything will be posted:
10:12:00 From Aaron Sweeney : The PDF named “Performance-Rating-Descriptors-2021.pdf” available at the link above is identical to the PDF named “Mitigate-Bias-for-Performance-Management.pdf.”
10:12:28 From Angela Knight : Thanks, Aaron! We realized that and are updating the information. Stay tuned!
10:16:44 From Nathan Campbell : I have updated the Performance Rating Descriptors link:
10:16:51 From Nathan Campbell : Sorry about that.
10:17:19 From Angela Knight : Thank you, Nate!
10:30:22 From Chuck Brock : Does soliciting opinions from peers represent a privacy or bias concern?
10:32:57 From Jimena Ugaz : Dear Chuck: We will ask your question shortly
10:35:30 From Heather Yocum : Wouldn’t all the biases you just discussed potentially be a concern for each person who is providing peer feedback?
10:39:37 From Heather Yocum : Ok, thank you
10:53:12 From Lesley L. Smith : what is up-line?
10:53:57 From Angela Knight : Hi Lesley – The up-line is leadership above the supervisor’s level.
10:54:21 From Lesley L. Smith : lab leadership or CIRES leadership?
10:54:24 From Angela Knight : The supervisor’s supervisor and beyond as appropriate.
10:55:00 From Angela Knight : Leadership on the CIRES side, at least to start. Unless it was raised on the federal side, then we may keep that group looped in as well.
10:55:45 From Lesley L. Smith : how do you know when FMLA is appropriate?
10:56:32 From Rick Tisinai : Thank you for this session!
10:56:53 From Evan Kalina : Do you have any tips for situations in which someone other than the supervisor is responsible for regularly assigning tasks to a supervisee (e.g., one or more project managers)? Should asking the project managers for feedback on the supervisee’s performance follow the same process as peer evaluations?
10:57:22 From Lesley L. Smith : why is FMLA better than regular sick leave?
10:58:12 From Laura Riihimaki : Who is the right contact person in CIRES that I should talk to when trying to figure out options for someone who reports to me who might need FMLA, or need time off for COVID, etc?
10:59:03 From Jimena Ugaz : Laura: you can submit a ticket to cireshr or contact
10:59:04 From Angela Knight : Hi Laura – you can connect with LuAnn Line or myself from our team will work with you to help figure this out or connect you with a member of the central HR FML team.
10:59:20 From Laura Riihimaki : Thanks!
10:59:30 From Christina Williamson : what is this job protection or lack of it associated with sick leave/fmla?
11:03:23 From Roy Miller : remember, different Zoom url next week!
11:03:33 From Jimena Ugaz : Thank you, Roy!!!