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Chat Transcript

10:00:06 From Katy Human : Can everyone mute now?
10:01:12 From Katy Human : Lovely to “see” so many of us! Happy New Year, all!
10:01:29 From Phil Handley : Happy New Year! Thanks
10:01:51 From Susan Sullivan : Happy New Year!
10:01:57 From Joe McGlinchy : happy 2021!
10:02:03 From Katy Human : We’ll start in a minute or so
10:02:13 From Rick Tisinai : Happy New Year!
10:02:59 From Angela Knight : Happy New Year, all!
10:05:02 From Jennie Bell : Happy Birthday to Linda Pendergrass, TODAY!
10:05:19 From Susan Sullivan : Happy birthday LInda!
10:05:21 From Kathleen A Bogan : Happy happy birthday Linda!!!
10:05:30 From Angela Knight : Yay! Happy Birthday, Linda!
10:05:45 From Jennifer Katzung : Happy Birthday, Linda!
10:05:49 From Katy Human :
10:06:09 From Katy Human : News story:
10:06:22 From Katy Human : Strange; direct is this:
10:07:29 From Katy Human : Nature’s to scientific photos:
10:07:51 From Christine Wiedinmyer : The photos are amazing.
10:08:59 From kelly c : I like the color of the water with the red suits.
10:09:57 From Katy Human : Our Visiting Fellows are AMAZING
10:10:18 From Christine Wiedinmyer : Thank you to all who make the VFP program so successful!!
10:11:13 From Katy Human : More info re. RECCS and mentoring opportunities:
10:11:31 From Amanda Morton : You can also email us at: with any questions
10:12:54 From Katy Human : More HR info:
10:13:44 From Dom Heinzeller : Can I donate some of my sick leave to those who need it in CIRES?
10:14:15 From Katy Human : @Angela: Can you answer Dom?
10:15:11 From Angela Knight : Hi Dom – Unfortunately, we can’t donate sick leave, we can only donate vacation leave to a central pool that is then donated to CU employees in need.
10:15:29 From Katy Human : More info on sick leave for hourlies:
10:15:36 From Dom Heinzeller : Hmm, thanks Katy.
10:15:51 From Dom Heinzeller : Thanks Angela, of course, sorry.
10:16:44 From Angela Knight : Leave Donation Info:
10:21:19 From Katy Human : Calendar:
10:21:59 From Katy Human : Surveillance testing:
10:23:27 From Katy Human :
10:28:32 From Katy Human : Type questions in chat or unmute and ask out loud!
10:30:41 From Gilbert Pennoyer Compo : I haven’t received an updated Buff One card and my home address is correct. Could CU have sent it to the DSRC?
10:30:46 From Susan Sullivan : Not a question but I want to make people aware of the Picture a Scientist viewing this weekend and discussion next week. You can RSVP here to get a viewing link:
10:30:47 From Christina Kumler : What was the cap again? Or where is it posted? I do better with writing as my hearing isn’t great.
10:31:16 From Amanda Morton : 352 hours max vacation
10:31:36 From Christina Kumler : Good to know
10:31:39 From Christina Kumler : Thank you!
10:32:08 From Lucia Miriam Harrop : All cards will be mailed to your address of record
10:32:14 From Sylvia M. : I got mine a couple of weeks ago
10:32:43 From Christine Wiedinmyer : If you haven’t seen it — Watch Picture a Scientist!!
10:33:04 From Katy Human : I just signed up – looking forward to this!
10:33:21 From Jon kofler4668523135 : Gil, there are many people who go in the DSRC building who could get it for you.. including me. and bring it to you or you could come and pick it up.
10:35:07 From Christine Wiedinmyer :
10:35:10 From Christine Wiedinmyer : CIRES CGA
10:35:12 From Patrick Alken : The postdoc visiting fellowship deadline is today. How many fellowship positions are available for 2021?
10:35:42 From Patrick Alken : ok thank you!
10:41:28 From Amanda Morton : If anyone is looking for something to do on Sat. Feb 6th, Outreach is looking for volunteers for the National Ocean Sciences Bowl Colorado regional competition. Details online:
10:41:40 From Ronald Weaver : This may already be known: WSL is hosting a symposium in honor of Koni next October in Davos. The Cryosphere in a changing climate – A scientific symposium in the memory of Koni Steffen

21 and 22 October 2021, Kongresszentrum Davos
10:42:09 From Catherine A Smith : What type of questions does the trout bowl ask?
10:42:22 From Amanda Morton : All things Ocean Science!
10:42:33 From Catherine A Smith : ok 🙂
10:43:37 From Christine Wiedinmyer : Thank you all! Here’s to the new year!!!
10:43:37 From Karin Vergoth : Thanks Waleed!