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Chat Transcript

09:00:04 From Katy Human : Welcome, everyone! We’ll get started in a minute
09:00:20 From Katy Human : Feel free to type questions in the chat publicly, or just me and I can ask them anonymously
09:02:03 From bill moninger : Great news about Waleed!
09:03:23 From Katy Human : Anyone having trouble hearing? One person reports just silence…
09:03:33 From Molly Hardman : No problems
09:03:39 From Betsy Sheffield : no problems hearing
09:03:41 From Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa : audio fine on this end
09:03:45 From Jesse Varner : You have to click “join audio”
09:03:51 From Katy Human : Thanks!
09:04:12 From Katy Human :
09:04:19 From Katy Human : Family to family:
09:04:21 From Craig Hartsough : my audio doesn’t work using the Safari browser, I have to use Chrome.
09:04:47 From Roy : where is “join audio” in Zoom app?
09:04:49 From Katy Human : Santa sign up:
09:04:53 From Nathan Campbell : CIRES IT will look into the Safari audio issue. I apologize for the issue.
09:04:54 From Katy Human : oops:
09:05:19 From Katy Human : I think “join audio” appears for me bottom left
09:06:06 From Katy Human : Career Track info:
09:07:05 From Katy Human : And direct:
09:08:13 From Katy Human : Daily health check (Buff Pass):
09:09:09 From Katy Human : Surveillance testing info, including locations:
09:09:19 From Nathan Campbell to Craig Hartsough(Privately) : Gotcha.
09:10:24 From Roy : I think there is no “Other” in the Buff Pass, I’ve been selecting “CIRES”
09:11:05 From Roy : Thanks!
09:12:27 From Susan Sullivan : Congratulations Joost!
09:12:39 From Katy Human : CIRES highlights at AGU (not comprehensive):
09:14:34 From Katy Human : Colorado Equal Pay Act info session for CIRES Thursday at 11:
09:16:33 From Katy Human : D&I search and hire training session Fri, Dec 18:
09:17:11 From Susan Sullivan : Presented by CU HR with CIRES contributions. We have such fantastic partners.
09:17:46 From Katy Human : Questions in chat or private chat
09:19:19 From Katy Human :
09:22:05 From Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa : AGU Plenary Talks began at the top of the hour. i’ll be jumping off now. cheers all
09:23:30 From Todd Johnston : Thanks for the updates!
09:23:34 From Joe McGlinchy : thank you!! would appreciate the link summary!