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Chat Transcript

10:00:11 From Katy Human : Hi, Everyone! I’ll monitor the chat for questions – and we’ll open it up later, too.
10:00:23 From Katy Human : Feel free to ping me privately if you want me to ask a question anonymously for you
10:08:49 From Susan Sullivan : To give feedback on the draft vision and mission. action plans to follow. Feedback on draft CIRES DEI Vision and Mission:
10:13:57 From Katy Human : Thank you, Maggie!
10:14:18 From Angela Knight : Yay, Maggie!
10:14:24 From Helen Langley De Witt : Yay Maggie!
10:15:51 From Margaret A Tolbert : Thanks everyone, glad to be on board!
10:19:14 From Amanda Morton : Any rumors on how Spring semester will look – just wonder what the odds might be for in-person events on campus in Spring.
10:20:09 From Katy Human : @Amanda: got it
10:20:14 From Katy Human :
10:20:40 From Jeff Duda : You can pin people to the top of the window
10:20:58 From Jeff Duda : Click “unpin video” to end that
10:21:33 From Lucia Miriam Harrop :
10:22:33 From Christine Wiedinmyer : The guidance document and the video from the training will be posted soon on the Career Track pages, too.
10:22:34 From Christine Wiedinmyer :
10:23:01 From Christine Wiedinmyer : they are posted now! (Thanks IT 🙂
10:23:57 From Lucia Miriam Harrop : Information on the training requirement:
10:24:25 From Katy Human : Wellness workshops:
10:24:40 From Alison Banwell : How can we find out if we have completed the harassment training? (I think I have, but would like to confirm)
10:25:09 From Lucia Miriam Harrop :
10:25:10 From Jasmine Desirae Moore : Hi Alison, I can check that for you and will email you after this.
10:26:35 From Jasmine Desirae Moore : Employees can also log into their Skillsoft portal through MyCUInfo and click on their “learning transcript” to see previous taken trainings
10:29:21 From Alison Banwell : Thanks Jasmine!
10:30:19 From Lucia Miriam Harrop : If you work with students, there are counseling resources available specifically for them as well:
10:32:32 From Katy Human : Dr Weatherhead was in GSD
10:32:39 From Katy Human : A CIRES person in GSD
10:33:04 From Katy Human :
10:37:11 From Christine Wiedinmyer :
10:37:38 From Katy Human : BuffCard OR CU Boulder employee id
10:40:17 From Michael Jones : Is mail still being delivered to our campus mailboxes?
10:43:07 From Katy Human : Everyone is welcome to unmute and ask questions out loud!
10:45:34 From Katy Human : Mail questions:
10:47:25 From Christina Kumler : Thanks!
10:48:43 From Katy Human : FSAP:
10:49:49 From Jennie Bell : Thanks!
10:49:49 From kelly carignan : tad early for beer, maybe?
10:49:52 From Gaby Petron : Thank you! It is good to see you all!
10:50:00 From Leslie Hartten : It’s 5pm somewhere!