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Chat Transcript

09:01:23 From Katy Human : Welcome, everyone!
09:02:11 From Katy Human : Feel free to type questions in the chat – or after Waleed’s remarks, unmute yourselves and ask away
09:05:13 From Siri Jodha’s iPad Pro : I recommend the Time Out app, which reminds you, in a minimally obtrusive manner, to look out into the distance for 20 sec every 20 min., and then every couple of hours (configurable) reminds you to get up and take a 5 min break.
09:10:04 From Katy Human : And after Q&A with Waleed, atmospheric chemist Langley DeWitt, the new director of the IGAC (International Global Atmospheric Chemistry) Project, will briefly introduce herself and the IGAC community.
09:11:40 From Jennie Bell : Thanks Susan and HR Team! This is great news!
09:11:48 From Susan Sullivan : Thanks Waleed! Everyone, if you have things you’d like to see us do with other institutes let me know!
09:12:03 From Susan Sullivan : I’m always here at if you want to talk.
09:12:09 From Katy Human :
09:13:50 From Christine Wiedinmyer :
09:15:57 From Katy Human : — scroll down for faculty & staff form
09:16:13 From Irina Petropavlovskikh : is It available for those who work at Scaggs building
09:16:33 From Christine Wiedinmyer : @irina – yes, to all faculty and staff.
09:16:40 From Christine Wiedinmyer :

09:16:46 From Katy Human :
09:16:56 From Angela Knight : @ Irinia – Yes, Just bring your CU ID to the testing location.
09:17:53 From Katie Boyd (she/her) : Is this only for employees or can families/partners of employees get tested through this program?
09:19:48 From Katy Human : @christine: It’s only for employees, right?
09:20:19 From Christine Wiedinmyer : Yes. Staff and Faculty and Students.
09:20:21 From Barry Wynn Eakins : Can the graph be shared?
09:20:48 From Katy Human : @Barry, I’ll ask for it and send later
09:21:38 From Andy Jacobson : Anyone have a link for that training?>
09:22:03 From Angela Knight : Hi Katie, Right now, the on-campus testing is only for employees as they have a limited number of tests available each day (450@ UMC location and 150 @ SEEC).
09:22:14 From Christine Wiedinmyer : @Andy –
09:22:15 From Gijs de Boer : @Andy — you would have received an email from:
09:22:36 From Katie Boyd (she/her) : Thanks, Angela
09:23:53 From Lynne Harden :
09:24:14 From Katy Human : Public event highlighting CU Boulder involvement in MOSAiC – Tomorrow!
09:26:58 From Margaret Tilton : Yes, thanks to Education and Outreach and Comms!
09:30:12 From Christine Wiedinmyer :

09:30:44 From Christine Wiedinmyer : email Meghan.Helmberger@Colorado.EDU if you are interested in serving as CGA Post-doc Co-Chair
09:30:44 From Katy Human : Meghan.Helmberger@Colorado.EDU
09:30:52 From Christine Wiedinmyer :
09:31:03 From Christine Wiedinmyer : Professional Development workshops and activities —
09:31:04 From Christine Wiedinmyer :
09:34:55 From Katy Human : Please feel free to type question in the chat!
09:37:18 From Susan Sullivan : I can speak to this question regarding the EO,
09:39:52 From bmccarty : thanks, Lucia!
09:41:13 From bmccarty : thanks, Susan!
09:41:17 From Stan Benjamin : Right, those stats were not per capita.
09:41:42 From Sonja : Regarding the covid “spit tests”, you mentioned that the results are pretty good as a screening tool. Is there somewhere we can get actual statistics on how well the results of a positive screenings and the follow-up diagnostic PCR tests?
09:41:47 From Christine Wiedinmyer : you can also get those stats for Colorado at:
09:42:35 From Susan Sullivan : Welcome back!
09:42:54 From Katy Human :
09:44:48 From Siri Jodha’s iPad Pro :
09:44:49 From Katy Human : @sonja: I’ve been curious to see those results, too. I’ll ash around
09:44:56 From Katy Human : ask
09:45:55 From Helen Langley De Witt :
09:46:04 From Jennie Bell : welcome home Langley!
09:46:19 From Angela Knight : Welcome, Langley!
09:46:23 From Katy Human : Further questions?
09:46:37 From Irina Petropavlovskikh : Welcome, Langley!
09:47:26 From Joost de Gouw : Welcome Langley!
09:48:20 From Siri Jodha’s iPad Pro : Future Earth Global Hub in Boulder resides within SILC on E. Campus
09:48:54 From Katy Human : Thanks so much, everyone!
09:49:21 From madronich : Thank you!
09:49:26 From Phil Handley : Thanks!