Dear CIRES Community:

 As you know, CIRES and the university have moved all non-critical operations online for the time being, due to the current COVID-19 situation. The need for social distancing determines that we work from home at least until the mandatory remote phase comes to an end. While some members of our institute may find working from home suits them or even see an increase in productivity, others may experience telecommuting as a significant challenge or a barrier to professional collaboration. In addition, remote working is not everyone’s cup of tea and may bring about emotional discomfort.  

During this time, we would like to ask that all CIRES staff members remain both aware of and open to the needs and preferences of their colleagues. This is a time when empathy and adaptability are of most importance and a time when we must try to accommodate others. If you are feeling disconnected or concerned about productivity, or if you miss your professional space or your colleagues, please reach out to them to come up with a strategy to better support your work and a better professional virtual atmosphere. Below, please find helpful tips and campus resources available to you at this time.

  1. Schedule team Zoom meetings and shorter check-ins on a weekly basis. For example: one longer meeting and a couple of shorter check-ins throughout the week. Use the Zoom video function, Facetime or Skype.   
  2. Make sure that your team can reach out to you by phone (please share your office phone number if you forwarded-it, or your personal phone number).
  3. If you have questions or concerns regarding your team’s dynamics while we continue to collaborate virtually, please reach out to the CIRES HR team at
  4. If you need support with technology, please reach out to

We are here for You.



Janet Garcia: VISA Coordinator
Lucia Harrop: Senior Administrative Associate & DSRC Liaison
Angela Knight: CIRES HR Director
Nancy Lathrop: Senior HR GeneralistLuAnn Line: Payroll Liaison
Jasmine Moore: HR Generalist
Jimena Ugaz: HR Generalist

How to Set up a Zoom meeting:

Please check this website for instructions on setting up a Zoom meeting with your colleagues:

  • How to Lead an Effective Zoom meeting:

Please refer to this article from Stanford University IT for additional tips on how to engage your employees through Zoom technology.

  • CU’s Guidance Resources for Supervisors:

Please consult this link for guidance on managing performance reviews remotely, developing better communication strategies, adapting to flexible work schedules and more during the COVID-19 situation. 

  • CU’s Resources for Learning and Development:

Please consult this site for training opportunities through LinkedIn and Skillsoft as well as online resources for stress management and self-care.

  • How to Schedule a Telehealth Counseling session for Free:

If you are experiencing isolation, anxiety or signs of depression, please take advantage of the Faculty & Staff Assistance Program today! Please read about the details here.