Think you can get a better airplane ticket deal online than through CU’s designated providers? Be careful! If you can get a significantly better deal, please follow the instructions below—the CU Procurement Service Center is cracking down on internet airfare purchases that do not comply with requirements. You may not be reimbursed unless you:

  1. Obtain comparison quotes from CBT or Concur in advance of purchasing the airfare.

  2. Provide the comparison quotes to CIRES Travel and receive approval before purchasing the airfare (the cost, including taxes and fees, must be less than the fare available from CBT or Concur).

  3. If approved, purchase the ticket on your personal credit card and request reimbursement after your trip.

Please comply: Not doing so may subject you to penalties from PSC and you also risk losing reimbursement. Read more about the CIRES Trip Approval Process and Internet Airfare Purchases in those links and don’t hesitate to email us with questions.

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