Leading up to the brief shutdown last month, we received contradictory federal guidance, which has since been clarified. We hope the updated information below will make it easier for us to work through any future shutdown.

Our overall request is the same: If the government shuts down, please do not report to work at a federal facility, and please take no action that would result in new federal government expenditures. You are a university employee, and it is our expectation that you will continue to work and continue to be paid.

During a shutdown, CIRES employees MAY:

  • use NOAA.gov email addresses, Google Calendars, and access Google Drives, as long as they remain accessible
  • use NOAA-owned laptop computers off-site to continue meaningful work
  • VPN into NOAA computers that are still operational (exception: NOAA supercomputer uses may be restricted to projects deemed essential)
  • check in with your CIRES supervisor and colleagues
  • briefly access a federal facility during designated “orderly shutdown activities” if your Division or Center indicates that you are among those allowed access during such time. In the absence of information from federal colleagues, please do not access a federal facility during a shutdown.

During a shutdown, CIRES employees may NOT:

  • access federal facilities (exception: during “orderly shutdown activities” described above)
  • work with federal colleagues who are on furlough
  • take any action that would result in new federal government expenditures

You should not expect that federal computers, servers, and other systems will be maintained during the shutdown: If a government system goes down, it may not come back until federal work resumes. For this reason, please ensure you can readily access to your @colorado.edu email. We have posted directions to check your mailbox through Office365 here, and for turning off any colorado.edu redirect (eg, to your noaa.gov account), here.

Since entry to federal facilities will be tightly restricted (check DSRC site status here), you will need to find other places to work. Consider working from home or from a library or coffee shop. We have identified a limited number of open desks and conference rooms; please contact our Message Center, 303-492-1143, about availability.  

Finally, it is possible that you and I will receive federal guidance that is contradictory to the information above. In this case, please follow federal guidance but also inform Lornay Hansen or Lucia Harrop of any discrepancy or confusion.

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