6/24-6/25 After leaving base camp at the Iowa State Field Camp in Shell, we drove upstream through the canyon to take a look at Shell Falls. The folding in Shell Canyon triggered a discussion on how the structure of the Big Horns fits in the big picture of the formation of the Rockies.… Read More

6/23/09 “And be on guard, I saw five or six rattlesnakes last time I was here.” Not only were we walking blindly on train tracks into the canyon, now with the prospect of snakes this venture became ten times more exciting! Eric was in the lead, narrating the way through Sheep Mountain where he and… Read More

I joined EarthScope investigators Christine Siddoway and Megan Anderson (Colorado College) and Eric Erslev (University of Wyoming) on a 4-day structural geology tour of the Bighorn Mountains in northern Wyoming. A group to be led by Megan will install seismic stations throughout the range this summer as part of the Foreland Basement Arch Seismic Experiment.… Read More