Hi, Originally I thought collecting data on 8 sites with 5 plots each was a rather unattainable goal.  However, our team has become so efficient.  Now I see not only is it possible, but that we may even have time for even more data collection. This week we had field work at Maxwell Ranch in… Read More

This weeks has been sort of an egg scramble, with lots of parts and pieces all jumbled together into one delicious meal. Friday my partner in crime and I went out again to the field where we saw iron precipitation, feral dogs, rivers running at 550cfs, and the slow but sure decaying out of our… Read More

As I was complaining about nothing I could do with my project on last Monday, I have been super busy since last Wednesday. I have all the stuff to do my experiment. As it turns out, reality is a lot different than what you planned. According to the paper we read, the method we are… Read More

You know you’re in the big web of science when you begin to recognize cited sources in scientific papers. It reminds me that each small research project is a part of something so much bigger than anything one person could do alone. The rabbit hole is very deep. No project is too small.  … Read More

Over this last weekend, I did a decent amount of work at home.  I did most of my work outside, at a park with some friends. Of course I would have rather spent my time hanging out with my friends or family, but sometimes that’s not always the case. I found out that working extra hours on… Read More

Starting this project has taught me more about science than I could ever learn in a classroom.  It’s not the “cookbook” style that I am used to, no directions, no step-by-step instructions.  That was the most difficult hurdle for me to overcome in beginning all of this. I thought that I had a project nailed… Read More

I will be honest, I am not sure what to say here. This is still one of those scenarios where I am still getting accustomed to saying I’m here. It’s hard to describe how it feels walking into the hallways of NOAA as an intern, having an office, and working at a computer either researching… Read More

First field day was this week since we’ve been graced with some rainless weather. We started early to avoid the abuse of sunlight and I quickly learnt that exact measurements in geology is not only impossible but a disadvantage. We set our constants such as the area of data collection, maximum number of measurements to… Read More