Hi Everyone, I can’t believe that this is our final week for the project! I was so worried throughout this summer, now I can’t believe that we are almost done and I am not freaking out!! I felt much better after the practice presentation yesterday. I found out that I actually didn’t have much else… Read More

What a whirlwind of preparation for this week: late nights, many emails, edits and even a little anxiety! I am very impressed with all the intern’s presentations from yesterday.  What confidence you had!  I’m thrilled to be part of such a great program. Science came alive for me this summer.  I am forever grateful to… Read More

Getting to the point of the process where I may be a little lost. I have a ton of data and no clue what it means! The data in the way that I am exploring it is completely new to me. Some of the methods have been used for other hydrologic processes, but its hard… Read More

Hi, Some sites have not had many seedlings while others have lots!!  Yesterday we were at Bald Mountain in Boulder County.  Lesley was kind enough to help us out.  I think she had fun with the densiometer. 🙂 When a plot (at most locations we survey 5 plots) has many visible seedlings, we take one… Read More

Good morning RECCS interns and staff, This week has already started out with fun and excitement. Our task is to complete the results and discussion sections. When I first started writing, I was breezing through the pages. When my mentor read my paper of the first edits, I don’t think I have ever seen so… Read More

Hi, Even though my mentor is out of town, she still has me busy!  She arranged for me to join in a field trip with the Front Range Round Table.  It’s a diverse group of individuals from various organizations coming together to discuss forest restoration.  I am not sure of the history of the group,… Read More

This week has been full of little surprises. Let me share them with you! First off, our team learned that we have been approved to buy a boat! It will be a sweet little river raft and we are preparing ourselves to dunk it right into the iron rich waters of the majestic Snake River… Read More

Hello everyone, I just realized it’s been  while since I’ve posted. We were planning to go out on the field for our last data collection today, but we will not be able to safely cross Boulder creek with this weather so we will hold off for now. Last week, we walked through that river up… Read More

Hi all, We had a wonderful week in the field.  This week we visited Bald Mountain, Sunshine Canyon and Heil Valley.  These are all beautiful sites. We still have work to do in all of them, and I look forward to having Jennifer, Lesley and Moana join us! Our data collection is coming along and… Read More

Another Monday is here!  I am amazed at how quickly time has passed since we began this internship.  Only 5 more weeks and we will be done here. Data collection came and went last week, with only a little dehydration and exhaustion.  Nothing to write home about, except that I’ll opt for some company on… Read More