My remaining weeks will be spent pulling together data from a less sensitive global climate model and comparing it to the warm/wet model that my started with as well as juggling a poster project, setting up a presentation  and trying to find a place to live in Greeley to start at UNC! I feel like… Read More

I think that one of my greatest difficulties recently has just been trying to visualize things from pure data. We talked earlier in the internship about learning styles and I definitely am a visual learner so it is difficult for me to get a feel for a lot of things based on speculation. However, I… Read More

Climate change is a contemporary hot topic issue, mostly because people that deny it consider it to be an economic burden to put funding into environmental security and research.  But for the people who pay attention to the FACTS, it is a cause of concern about all the variables that come with that change, and… Read More

After our introductory week let’s take a look at some background information about me! Hi! My name is William Radmacher and I am an aspiring environmental scientist, (ecosystem ecology). I attended Front Range Community College (Larimer) for 4 years full time to attain multiple certificates while also receiving an Associate of Science. I have a… Read More

We had a fantastic week up at the CU Mountain Research Station, however it was a little depressing that I couldn’t enjoy the scenery as much as I would have without a nagging meniscus tear.  Nonetheless, it was a beautiful environment and a wonderful learning experience.   We were able to identify a few different… Read More