Only three weeks left of the program, and I’m finally feeling the crunch.  Last week was almost entirely lab work, and the slow pace of that work is beginning to concern me.  Setting up the equipment isn’t terribly difficult or time consuming, but each run can take up to 90 minutes and I’m doing three… Read More

I decided this week to gather samples from an area that had been giving me headaches while mapping them from Google Earth.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on beaver ecology.  Soil, foliage, wildlife, it’s all there.  But none of the literature or photographs do reality justice.  In one… Read More

The week started out with some article readings and dam mapping, as the weather wasn’t great for field work.  These articles weren’t as simple as the first week, though.  Most of my science background to date is in chemistry, biology, and physics.  I’m taking my first geology course next semester, and I run into sentences… Read More

Week 2 of the RECCS internship is now wrapping up, closing the first week of work on our projects.  I have gotten settled into my own workspace in the Benson Earth Sciences building and I am already spending obscene amounts of time staring at Google Earth to accurately map beaver dams and ponds. Fortunately, there… Read More