I had a blast making this recent graph which is my own pursuit (not requested by my mentor), and it does  a great job of physically showing 3 variables (time, wind direction, and particle number). The plot however required turning date, and wind direction into factors, and also cutting part of the wind data set… Read More

The data slicing and dicing is still a work in progress as I try to develop new questions to follow after creating different graphics to analyze at Mauna Loa. This week I am so grateful for the experience of working at NOAA and the opportunities and knowledge that the office presents daily. The building is… Read More

Many of the scientists in my division described my first week as a fire hose to the mouth as they continued to throw new information at me before I had a chance to digest what I had learned five minutes before. The analogy is very true. I would learn some important Linux, or, R command… Read More

Both of my mentors returned this week, and have given me clarity and direction in the division’s work. The last several days I have been immersed in ‘Unix’ and ‘R’ languages at the terminal all day.  7 days ago I had never heard of either of these programming languages, and now I am successfully navigating… Read More

The previous week and the start of the current work week have quickly passed. Last week was really exciting, not only my first week in a career change, but mostly because of the opportunity to meet scientists from all walks of life and visit to the Mountain Research Station near Nederland. The program has exceeded… Read More