My research will continue as planned. Samples from each of the four field sites need to be collected on a weekly basis. In addition, physical parameter measurements at the sites need to be taken on a weekly basis. This sequential addition of data displays concentration and discharge correlations over the 9-week period. In addition, it… Read More

Before engaging in this research experience, I had little understanding of the physics, chemistry, and overall ecology of fresh water and inland systems such as streams and lakes. I had no idea what limnology was or how it related to my personal life. I also had limited understanding of the standard field and lab methods… Read More

This week I successfully carried out my tasks. My physical fitness is improving, as I am required to hike 10 or more miles with heavy equipment and gear when conducting fieldwork. This time my overall measurement techniques and use of the equipment improved. Using the flow meter with the tape measure allowed more effective measurement… Read More

  On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday I worked in the CIRES Limnology Lab from about 8:30 am-1:30 pm, with Tim Baker and the rest of the lab crew with occasional check ins from my mentor Jimmy. In the lab, my main tasks consisted of learning lab preparatory procedures relevant to Total Particulate Phosphorous (TPP),… Read More

Overall the entire introductory week was very informative and insightful. It helped me mentally prepare for the expectations of the internship and get to know my fellow interns, mentors, and program directors. The science communication workshop, science process training with Jenny Briggs, , project discussion, sample talk from Hannah, and field note taking with Amy… Read More