Wow! I have been riding the waves. I make a point to cheer every time I get the exhilaration of going over a particularly awesome and powerful wave within this project. Out of all of this swirling energy, I have found Gold, learned R, learned Python, learned to love Linux Operating Systems, and worked with… Read More

This week is difficult to reflect on. It was both highly eventful and highly uneventful. It was uneventful in a way because I worked more on projects outside of RECCS (such as the summer class that I am enrolled in) and catching up with my family during 4th of July weekend and watching fireworks. However,… Read More

Analyzing the ground truth data, I found the paths that are optimal to take if you want to find Gold. Some of these blast holes yielded up to 200 p arts per million of Gold. Please take a look: -Henry      … Read More

There are things about me that not a lot of people know, but feel as though I can share with my RECCS family. I am Henry Thomas Arndt. I consider myself from Fort Collins, Colorado and I am studying Geospatial Sciences and Geographic Information Systems for an Associates of Applied Science Degree. I have many… Read More

Last week’s work was so amazingly awesome! I loved the entire week! I know that I progressed further in programming, remote sensing, and self-reliance on my skills as a researcher. However, over the weekend I ended up feeling pretty bad. I ran into a rough spot in the class that I’m taking outside of this… Read More

Good Afternoon All, Henry Arndt here. These are some of the photos that I took a shine to. Thanks, Henry… Read More

This is Henry Arndt reporting for the first time on the RECCS program. This experience is already so special to me. I toured a federal science building that was beyond my wildest dreams. I discovered new GIS mapping programs (my favorite hobby), and I at last am starting to grasp the intuition in the world… Read More