I have officially finished all the wet lab work needed to answer the questions that were presented at the beginning of this summer.  All that work, 7 weeks of lab work, for 2mL of pure bacterial DNA. I pulled 12 hour days in the lab to get to here. I don’t want to let go.… Read More

I have dealt with anxiety ever sense I can remember. Let me explain: I focus on everything that could go wrong and because of this, I rather not try new things and stick with what I know. This is why I STILL, at 28, do not know how to ride a bike. This is also… Read More

I don’t talk much. I’m most comfortable alone in the lab with my pipette and my soil samples. The most social interaction I get is normally from other equally introverted peers knocking on my lab door because they need something autoclaved. But this last week I’ve had to hold hands with strangers while standing on… Read More