Dear CIRES Colleagues, So! After today’s announcement by the President and positive signals from Congressional leaders, the federal government is poised to reopen fully under spending bills that would be effective for three weeks, until February 15. Those of you who have been working outside your normal offices and laboratories, with limited or no access… Read More

The partial federal government shutdown has created a wide variety of challenges for most of us at CIRES. To our NOAA-based people: I sincerely appreciate all you’ve done to remain productive; keep in touch with your colleagues and supervisors as you work from home, the library, or elsewhere; deal with childcare challenges; and struggle to… Read More

Federal offices were ordered closed on December 5 and December 24 for the federal Day of Mourning and an additional federal holiday, respectively. CIRES Leadership decided to apply the Governor’s additional day of leave and administrative leave to these situations for all CIRES employees working at a federal location. In addition, CIRES Leadership worked with… Read More

Struggling to figure out how to print your poster for AMS, given the federal shutdown and unavailability of NOAA printers? CIRES IT maintains a terrific plotter/printer and has information about other options as well; please request help printing by submitting a note to… Read More

Some of you, working in various NOAA groups, have gotten divergent guidance from federal leaders about whether you can use your gmail and other Google Suite services during the partial government shutdown. I am grateful for all of you who are sending in notes that help us understand this diversity of federal guidance. We… Read More

The U.S. government has partially shut down. You are not a federal employee and you have the support of CIRES and University of Colorado Boulder administrative staff. You should continue to work, and you can expect your paycheck to arrive on time, as usual. However, there are things you cannot do during a shutdown. Most… Read More

As many of you already know, President Trump has declared December 24, 2018, a federal holiday and has ordered Federal offices closed. CIRES Leadership recognizes the impact of this announcement on our employees and had decided to make December 24 an additional day of leave for all CIRES employees working at a federal location. To… Read More

It is possible the federal government will partially shut down Friday at midnight, and CIRES is working closely with our partners to ensure we give you clear guidance. We plan to share that guidance Wednesday if a partial shutdown seems imminent. In the meantime, consider reviewing this shutdown-related blog post from earlier this year, and… Read More

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper has issued an additional holiday for state employees and the additional holiday for the Boulder campus will be on Monday, Dec. 31. (Tuesday, Jan. 1, is already a campus holiday). All employees will receive eight hours of holiday pay to be used on Dec. 31, prorated for part time. Employees designated as… Read More