Feb. 18, by Dr. Randy Martin, Utah State University. Dr. Gabrielle Patron’s description of the wintertime ozone study in the Utah’s Uintah Basin have detailed the goals and some of the measurements that have been conducted by NOAA, CIRES, and cooperating investigators, and it is my pleasure to describe some of the work that the… Read More

What have we seen so far, you may ask, besides some amazing wildlife and landscapes? One of the missions of the van is to help characterize the specific emissions signature of various sources. When we go for drives, we sample air on the road to look at traffic emissions and we zigzag around on the… Read More

The NOAA Mobile Lab has been perusing the dirt roads of the oil and gas fields of the Uinta Basin for almost two weeks now. Most days so far have been in the upper 40s… today was the first day I had to wear a jacket… the wind was cold. Yet, we are still waiting… Read More

CIRES and NOAA have published a video about what we are trying to achieve in Utah’s Uintah Basin. Ozone pollution is a health concern. We’d like to understand exactly why it forms in high levels at times in the winter (ozone is more typically thought of as a summertime air pollutant, in big cities with… Read More