Accomplishments: Science Flight #2 Underway Saturday, October 15th -Flight Day – Science Flight #3 0700-0800 Instrument Upload 0800 Science Go/No Go Decision 0830 Mission Brief (Ru-Shan will represent Science.  Each instrument team can let Ru-Shan know their instrument fly status.) 1030 Estimated Take-off 1600 Estimated Landing 1630 Post Flight Brief (Send rep or inform Ru-Shan instrument… Read More

Accomplishments: WB-57 Science Flight #1 – all instruments operational and collecting good data Thursday, October 13th 0800-1400 Aircraft Access with power as needed. if more time is required, let ESPO know by noon. Friday, October 14th – planned fly day Saturday, October 15th – possible fly day Sunday, October 16th – Down Day FYI: Media… Read More

Accomplishments: Open House Planning Meeting. In attendance wereMarilyn, Rudy, Lu, Leo, Paula, Maria, Steve, Mo, Charlie, Susan  See the attached flyer for the Open House. Wednesday, October 12th Flight Day – Science Flight #1 0700-0800 Instrument Upload 0830 Mission Brief (1 rep from each instrument team) 1100 Estimated Take-off 1700 Estimated Landing 1800 Post Flight… Read More

Accomplishments WB-57 arrived in Guam at 0850. Monday, October 10th 0700 Plane will be nosed into the hangar   0730-0930 Aircraft Access (with power as needed) 1400 Science Tag-up with at least one representative from each instrument to meet in the Ops Room to see if everyone can be ready for a Wednesday Oct 12… Read More

Repairs are In Work.  Providing all goes well the following will occur: Sunday, October 9th The plane is expected on Sunday.  We will WhatsApp and email the flight status when we know it. Make sure you are on wireless so you get WhatApp messages regarding the transit status. The earliest possible take-off time will be sent… Read More

Saturday, October 8th The plane is expected on Saturday.  We will WhatsApp and email the flight status when we know it. Take-off is planned for 1000 from Kwajalein (0800 Guam Local time) and ETA is 1430 Local. When the aircraft gets airborne, we will monitor the aircraft and instruments from the Mission Ops Conference Room.… Read More