Accomplishments:  Science Flight #6 Underway, Balloon Launch #3 Underway

FYI:  Media Day is TBD

Saturday, October 22nd – Aircraft Preventive Maintenance Day

No Science Access to aircraft

1000 POSIDON transit/shipping meeting

Sunday, October 23rd – Down Day

Monday, October 24th – Functional Check Flight

0730-0900 Instrument Upload

0900 Mission Brief (Ru-Shan will represent Science.  Each instrument team can let Ru-Shan know their instrument fly status.)

1000 Estimated Take-off

1130 Estimated Landing

1200-1400 Instrument Download

1400 Group Photo

1430 Science Meeting (If you have data you would like to present, contact Ru-Shan.)

Tuesday, October 25th – Possible Fly Day #7posidon-cloud-from-sheraton