One of the guides for our trip, Walter Metzke, brought his Phantom 4 drone, which we were able to use to get some aerial footage of our field site. We were able to do this for the penitente field located around 5200m, because we spent some extra acclimation time there. In these videos, Adam has… Read More

We’re all heading down the mountain! Around midday after staying at 5,550m, Walter, who is usually acclimated to these altitudes, exhibited symptoms of altitude sickness. As a precaution, I was sent down with him, since I had also exhibited a few mild symptoms. Unfortunately, I did not get to continue up the mountain, but luckily… Read More

We made camp at 4000m, took samples, and had an acclimatization hike. All feel good. Last night we ate homemade pizza in the doma and are headed to 5000. – Brian Hynek… Read More

Hello from Brian. I am writing from 3,300 meters. We are staying our final night in civilization and the accommodations are luxurious here in the middle of nowhere at a place called Cortaderas. There is one hotel up high off Hwy 60 and near the Chilean border with Argentina. So far, we have not had… Read More

Adam and I collected our first microbial samples and light measurements at 3400m yesterday. Today, we move up to 4000m for another sample collection and to camp higher than any of Colorado’s mountians. This will continue our acclimation process to prepare for the higher altitudes to come.… Read More

Hi all, this is Nick Dragone. I am a graduate student in CIRES and the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at CU Boulder in the lab of Prof. Noah Fierer. My research focuses on the microbial communities found in volcanic sediments and other challenging environments around the world. In particular, I am interested in… Read More

Welcome to Buenos Aires! We finished the first leg of our trip and arrived to a beautiful sunny day, a shocking 90°F. The 9hr flight gave us our first look at the Andes, as we flew over just after sunrise. We are too far from the city to get into town during our layover, so… Read More