If you missed the Great Front Range Flood of 2013 research seminar, you can now check it out here. Hydrometeorology experts from NCAR and UCAR combine weather and water models for better prediction of floods. The seminar presented what has been learned so far from observations and modeling, including coupled hydrologic modeling. The presenters also… Read More

Did you miss it? If you could not attend the CIRES Western Water Assessment panel discussion on flood, weather, climate today, here it is:  http://cirescolorado.adobeconnect.com/p751cdslj7x/ Our apologies to those who couldn’t get video feed during the panel. We are working to understand the glitch — some people saw it, others did not, creating understandable frustration.… Read More

  The CIRES Western Water Assessment has released a preliminary assessment of September 2013’s severe flooding, including information on weather, water, climate and risk. More: http://wwa.colorado.edu/resources/front-range-floods  … Read More

An astonishing map from our colleagues at NOAA’s National Weather Service, Boulder/Denver office: 7-day precipitation totals. More: http://www.crh.noaa.gov/bou/?n=preciptotals_multiday… Read More

A post from Bryon Lawrence, CIRES scientist at NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory, bryon.lawrence@noaa.gov: I sometimes like to draw an analogy between weather and cooking. There are recipes for significant hydrometerological events, and for the Northern Front Range and the nearby plains of northeastern Colorado, the ingredients for a major rain and flood event came together… Read More