CU Boulder has granted discretion to departments and institutes to set our own policies around people taking time off to get vaccinated. CIRES policy is the following: Please either 1) adjust your work schedule to get the vaccine without taking time off, or 2) if time doesn’t allow for such adjustment, use sick leave.… Read More

We are aware that there are people who work in the DSRC building who have concerns about the weekly testing on campus and that it may introduce unnecessary risk by placing you in proximity to students and others on campus, when their work would otherwise not require such additional exposure. I understand and appreciate this. Having… Read More

Dear CIRES Colleagues,  Please take a moment to read through three COVID-related updates, even though some may not pertain to you—yet. Some of you may also be receiving information from your departments; please forgive any redundancy. And also, keep in mind that any presence in a campus building requires approval through the return-to-work process. First:… Read More

Students, faculty and staff who are interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine through CU Boulder can now sign up using the CU Boulder COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility and Status Update Form.  Please note, you must complete the form to add yourself to the campus vaccine eligibility list. Information gathered through the form will be used for vaccine distribution as the state… Read More

Avoid getting a big packet of benefits notices and forms in the mail from CU this year. With digital delivery, these notices are delivered via email and store electronically in your employee portal. Enroll in digital delivery for your 2021 notices by Feb. 1.  Why do I receive these forms and notices? The University of Colorado is legally required to provide… Read More

CIRES users are currently being targeted by a fraudulent email that appears to come from CIRES Director, Waleed Abdalati but is coming from the email: The Subject Line is listed as “Available ?” Please do not reply to this email and simply delete it. If you are ever suspicious of an email, please do not… Read More

Calendar pickup next week, five locations CIRES 2021 calendars feature beautiful photography by you and your colleagues! Pick up your calendar and wave hi to a CIRES colleague while you do! If you cannot make the times/locations below, please email Katy Human, and we’ll try to add another distribution slot or two. One calendar per person,… Read More

Video available on request: Chat Transcript 09:00:04 From Katy Human : Welcome, everyone! We’ll get started in a minute09:00:20 From Katy Human : Feel free to type questions in the chat publicly, or just me and I can ask them anonymously09:02:03 From bill moninger : Great news about Waleed!09:03:23 From Katy Human : Anyone… Read More

Dear CIRES Colleagues, I hope this note finds you well and safe. I am reaching out to explain a decision I’ve made for all of CIRES: I will not be offering four additional days of administrative leave in late December this year, even though CU Boulder campus is giving Colleges, institutes and other units the… Read More