For CIRES Researchers interesting in submitting a proposal through the University of Colorado – the National Weather Services (NWS) and NOAA have announced a new funding opportunity for their Collaborative Science, Technology, and Applied Research (CSTAR) Program, NOAA-NWS-NWSPO-2022-2006968.

The focus is on research and development topics related to the improvement of weather, water, and climate services to historically underserved and socially vulnerable communities. LOI’s are encouraged, but not required, due 9/30/21. Full applications are due 11/19/21 at 3:00 MST. Collaboration with PIs at different institutes is allowed, but there must be a single application from a lead university with sub-awards to any participants from other institutions. Federal government employees and federal contractors are not allowed to be listed as PIs or receive funding, although collaboration with NOAA within the project is required.

Please contact for assistance, we will prepare your budget, and proposal for submission through the University of Colorado. Note, November is an exceptionally busy proposal month, so please give us advance notice of your intent to be involved. Much appreciated!