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08:59:16 From Angela Knight – CIRES : Good to see everyone and welcome! Katy is out today, so I’ll moderate for Waleed. Feel free to enter questions here and we’ll invite folks to unmute and ask questions if time allows. Thanks!
08:59:58 From Ted Scambos (he, him) : Apparently a lot of people are on the same beach in Pensacola (Contact, the movie)
09:02:40 From Mark C. Serreze : Any news on when the indoors mask requirement at CU will be lifted?
09:04:25 From Christine Wiedinmyer : Yes, Thank you!!!
09:04:50 From Angela Knight – CIRES : Thanks to everyone who organized that event! Thanks to everyone for attending!
09:05:07 From Xia Sun : Thank you to all the organizers for their hard work and excellent job!
09:05:18 From Angela Knight – CIRES : @ Mark – No, not yet. Current mask guidance extends through June 30.
09:05:30 From Angela Knight – CIRES : Institute BIPOC affinity group (starts Fall)
Institute Ally group (First Fridays 2:30p)
Anti-Racism II course on Coursera:
DEI contacts across CIRES:
09:05:54 From Waleed Abdalati : Mark, i will comment on that in a bit
09:07:41 From Susan Sullivan : It’s everyone. Thank you!!
09:07:48 From Margaret A Tolbert : Thank you Susan!
09:07:54 From Sandy Starkweather : Susan’s been great.
09:07:56 From Jennifer L. Bell : Susan is a HUGE asset for all of us! Thank you!
09:09:01 From Susan Sullivan : Thank you all! CIRES is a fantastic place to do this work.
09:09:09 From Angela Knight – CIRES : Yay, Susan!
09:10:22 From Margaret Tilton : Most important thing you can do for publications is to make sure you have an OrcID and have this set up in the CU Elements system:
09:11:58 From Angela Knight – CIRES : Vaccine Requirement info:
09:12:26 From Patricia (Patty) Montaño : Do we need to submit proof of vaccination?
09:12:50 From Margaret A Tolbert : Yes, it is explained on the website that Angela shared!
09:12:58 From Angela Knight – CIRES : Yes, Patty. See the link I just listed. You will need to go in an upload proof.
09:12:58 From David : Only if not from a CO provider or after a certain date.
09:13:01 From Angela Knight – CIRES : Thanks, Maggie!
09:13:01 From Megan Littrell : If you got vaccinated in Colorado, you don’t need to show proof
09:13:36 From Angela Knight – CIRES : Building & Workplace Safety:
09:14:03 From Patricia (Patty) Montaño : Thanks! That clears up questions I had about the guidance on the vaccination requirement on the website
09:14:29 From Dom Heinzeller : Masks are not required in DSRC.
09:14:53 From Angela Knight – CIRES : BoCo guidance:
09:15:38 From Roy Miller : @Dom – DSRC masks not required only if the individual is fully vaccinated.
09:16:29 From Dom Heinzeller : @Rob – oh yes, for sure. But given that vaccines are mandatory for returning to work …
09:16:42 From Dom Heinzeller : Sorry, @Roy not @Rob of course
09:19:18 From Christine Wiedinmyer : please!!
09:20:34 From Angela Knight – CIRES : Feel free to add questions to the chat or message me directly. It looks like we’ll also have time to open it up for direct questions. Thanks!
09:21:28 From Christine Wiedinmyer : yes, thank you!!!
09:23:41 From Mike Hobbins : Can you briefly explain the one-off payments?
09:23:46 From Ted Scambos (he, him) : NOAA extension?
09:24:01 From Mike Hobbins : Yes.
09:24:24 From Ted Scambos (he, him) : cooperative agreement
09:25:29 From Mike Hobbins : Thanks, Angela.
09:25:33 From Evan Kalina : Has any decision been made on whether there will be merit raises this year? Is the timing of any such merit raises going to be Jan. 1 from now on?
09:25:40 From Gretchen Richard : Our current Cooperative Agreement end date is 8/31/22 and we are planning on requesting a 12-month no-cost extension next summer.
09:26:14 From Christine Wiedinmyer : thank you Gretchen.
09:27:15 From Ted Scambos (he, him) : Ok, the deadline is further off than I thought. Just curious. Thanks!
09:29:22 From Angela Knight – CIRES : @ Evan – I can speak to that shortly. Thanks!
09:31:37 From Laura Bianco : So, if we do claim our publications through “CU Elements” we are done?
09:32:34 From Gretchen Richard : Our Cooperative Agreement has a funding ceiling of $334M after the increase.
09:33:21 From Margaret Tilton : Hi Laura, you’ll be done with the journal articles. For books, conference proceedings, datasets, technical notes, etc., you’ll still need to enter those. You’ll also need to enter any in-progress work. But all journal articles should be pulled in. Happy to answer any other questions. We are working on pulling in other types of work besides journal articles, but that won’t be until at least next year.
09:33:57 From Anthony W Veale : About return to work: Campus buildings used to be unlocked on a schedule. Will that happen again? (In that case we will want to be sure that we have someone present.)
09:34:19 From Waleed Abdalati : anthony, that is the case now. They are unlocked
09:34:39 From Evan Kalina : Thanks Angela!
09:35:20 From J. REEVES : RL-2 was locked last week, and I and to use my Buff OneCard to access it.
09:36:00 From Ted Scambos (he, him) : RL-2 was locked yesterday too.
09:36:46 From J. REEVES : perhaps only specific doors remains unlocked during business hours.
09:36:46 From Angela Knight – CIRES : Thanks@ Meg for answering the pubs questions!
09:37:32 From Christina Kumler : @Margaret, so wait, then do we need to add all of our conferences where we’ve presented to CU elements?
09:38:24 From Antonietta Capotondi To Margaret Tilton(privately) : Hi Meg, once we have claimed publications on CU elements, are there going to appear on our ASA?
09:39:33 From Margaret Tilton : Hi Christina, no, you’d add those to
09:40:07 From Angela Knight – CIRES : Thanks, everyone! Enjoy the start of summer!
09:40:09 From Margaret Tilton : That didn’t look right! for the proceedings, notes, etc.
09:40:21 From Joe McGlinchy : thanks all!
09:40:22 From Margaret Tilton : Thanks Waleed!
09:40:22 From Susan Sullivan : Bye everyone! Good to see you!