Dear CIRES Colleagues, 

Coronavirus and COVID-19 are on many of our minds these days, and I wanted to reach out with an update on the steps we’re taking to complement campus efforts. Your health and safety are of great concern to me, as is your ability to conduct your work—whether in the NOAA building or on CU Boulder’s campus. With my management team, I am working hard to ensure we comply with the policies and practices of both. 

Currently, the CIRES Administration team is assessing our ability to function seamlessly remotely, should either campus close for any reason. We are fully prepared to meet payroll for all employees, whether they are paid monthly (salaried) or bi-weekly (hourly). We are working to ensure all finance managers can support you, regardless of work location, and that all other key services provided by administration staff will continue.  

We are also aware that there are many unanswered questions out there, still: What do we do if our kids’ schools or daycares close but NOAA or CU Boulder do not? If your work requires you to travel to a field site or conference and you end up stranded in a distant location, will your grant cover your needs? We are trying to answer these and many other questions. Meanwhile, you are more than welcome to submit questions, yourself, through the CU Boulder website linked in the first bullet below. 

Some sources of reliable, regularly updated information: 

Right now, CIRES is not modifying any remote work policies. This could change, of course, with the rapidly evolving public health situation. I will reach out again when conditions merit, and we will also post all communications to CIRES staff on InsideCIRES and through the CIRES Administration Blog

Finally, please continue to follow the advice of public health experts, exerting the kinds of precautions you would during flu season. Wash your hands regularly and well. If you feel sick, contact your supervisor and stay home. And please take care of yourself and support your family, friends and colleagues—this may include working to dispel misinformation and rumors or bias against groups of people. 

This is a challenging time, and I greatly appreciate all you do. I’m honored to lead this excellent organization, and I am committed to the health and well-being of every member of the CIRES team. 

Thank you.
Waleed Abdalati
CIRES Director