When CU Boulder or NOAA campuses are closed for inclement weather, administrative leave is granted to regular employees for their scheduled work hours during the period of closure. When paid administrative leave is granted as a result of a campus closure, the paid administrative leave needs to be entered in the timesheet only for overtime-eligible employees; if you are not overtime eligible, you do not need to do anything with your timesheet. In addition, please remember the following information:

  • Regular employees who are eligible for overtime shall not count the period of closure as hours worked for the purposes of calculating overtime.
  • Temporary (including retirees hired into temporary positions) and student employees are not eligible for administrative leave.
  • Employees who are already on approved annual, sick, or other type of leave when a closure occurs will not be given paid administrative leave for their scheduled work hours during the period of closure.
  • Employees who elected to use their additional floating holiday leave on either Nov. 26 or Nov. 27 may receive administrative leave for the closure and use the floating holiday another day.
  • Delayed start or early dismissal does not apply for employees who are telecommuting for the day of the delay or early dismissal. If campus is closed for the entire day, teleworking employees are not required to telecommute.

Please contact CIRES HR with any questions you have about this guidance.

The Chancellor also authorized early release 31 December, at 2pm. CIRES is implementing this as we would any other early release: if you follow the CU Boulder schedule, you may leave 3 hours early. If you follow the NOAA schedule, you may only take early release hours if they are offered by NOAA leadership.