If you would like to receive updates from the CIRES Admin Blog in your email client or RSS Feed Reader you may select the link below:


More information on how to add an RSS feed to Outlook.

How to add an RSS feed to office 365:

1.) log into office 365
2.) Select the gear on the user menu while in your mailbox then manage ‘Connectors’
3.) Select ‘RSS’
4.) Give this Feed a name, the RSS feed and the frequency in which it will look for new posts. Select Save. ( http://ciresblogs.colorado.edu/cires-admin/feed )
5.) Now within your ‘Connectors’ tab within the Add-Ins menu you will have our configured RSS feed.
6.) You will receive a notification letting you know that you have successfully connected the feed to your office 365 mailbox and the newest blog post.