To Icelandair, thank you for the nonstop flights from Denver to Reykjavik! The last time I flew to Reykjavik (from Phoenix) I had to fly through JFK Airport in NYC with an 8-hour layover, so having a nonstop flight to Iceland makes easing into the physical and emotional rigors of fieldwork much easier.

And here is where the hours of travel start to accumulate. Two buses from Boulder gets me to DIA in about an hour and a half, and then, after a 7-hour flight, I arrive in Reykjavik at 7:00 am local time. My colleague and good friend from Arizona State, Andrea, waited for me at the airport, and we took an hour-long bus into Reykjavik City Center to meet one of our project directors, Megan. Megan takes Andrea to nap off some jet lag (Andrea made the smart decision…), and I foolishly think that I have defeated jet lag and head over to the Archaeological Institute of Iceland to have some coffee and help pack up our truck for the field.


One of our chariots for the field season…

After packing up the truck full of field gear (including buckets, shovels, and tool boxes), we pick up Andrea and run some last minutes errands in Reykjavik. We are facing another 6 hour drive up the Akureyri, the second largest town in Iceland and closest to our field site, with another hour after that to get to our field house near Lake Myvatn. Adolf, another one of our project directors, takes the wheel and I take the back seat, tucked in nicely with field gear snuggled on the other side of me.


To Lake Myvatn!

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