Per CCO policy, individual membership fees are not an allowable cost on sponsored projects unless the award has an institutional allowance. In most cases, CIRES considers these costs personal, which means they are not reimbursable with CIRES funds. In some cases, registration fees may be deemed beneficial to the institute and may be charged to non-sponsored funds if approval is granted by the approving authority of the non-sponsored funding source. To the greatest extent possible, travelers should not purchase individual memberships for professional organizations with CIRES funds, even if purchasing a membership lowers the cost of a conference registration.

If a membership is required in order to attend a conference and/or to present/disseminate research, you may purchase an individual membership to the professional organization. When you submit your expense report for the trip or the membership cost, you will need to attach proof of the membership requirement along with an itemized receipt to your report. Proof of the membership requirement can be shown with a screen shot from the conference webpage or some other written confirmation from the professional organization.

Check out the InsideCIRES for information on these Travel Costs. Contact our Travel team with any additional questions.