By Irina Petropavlovskikh, CIRES and NOAA scientist, from Edinburgh, September 1
Here in Edinburgh, Scotland, there are about 300 scientists who came together to discuss ozone in stratosphere, troposphere and near the surface. We have heard talks about recent ozone changes and prediction for the future expectations for ozone recovery, super-recovery or just a new level of ozone in tropics. Various scenarios in the greenhouse gases emissions will impact on how ozone will recover, so we will have to monitor how CO2, CH4 and N2O are changing in the future. Susan Solomon, formerly a NOAA scientist in Boulder and now at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, delivered a presentation on the the first signs of the ozone healing in Antarctica. We also discussed changes in atmospheric circulation and natural variability in ozone, and pollution levels around the world.
Today the discussion will be about the observations.
Yesterday we had a very nice banquet to recognize contributions from many distinguished scientist and celebrate young  scientists coming up to get out understanding of ozone changes refined and improved. We also celebrated award for Bob Evans (Farman award for significant contribution for observations and understanding of ozone) and  Birgit Hassler (Dobson for young scientists). Both are from CIRES.
presentation in Edinburgh

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