This past week has been about trying to put it all together all of the previous code that I’ve written coming into play, along with data from our site (as opposed to data from previous sites, which I had been using), and code from my mentors.  Well, when you try to put pieces together from… Read More

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a whole book about outliers and how their surroundings helped make them successful.  Clearly, he never took a statistics course.  Outliers, in statistics, are bad, and so they are in our research.  They skew the results giving us an unrealistic mean.  This week was all about finding those outliers and getting rid… Read More

Jumping right in, instead of trying to create a best fit  polynomial (polyfit) to my data, I was supposed to be creating a linear fit via the power fit equation, but using the polyfit function in MatLab to do it…I’m confused!  Well, once we finally got it all sorted, we plotted, and guess what we… Read More

My second week wasn’t all that eventful, although it was also a short week with an Army day on Friday.  I mostly worked in (and still learning) MatLab using some sample data from previous experiments.  Looking at the data and seeing how it fits together definitely helps solidify some of the abstract concepts we had… Read More

The first week of “research” has been a whirlwind!  It’s just been a firehose of information and quite overwhelming.  That’s to be expected, I suppose.  My mentors had sent me some articles to read prior, but I wasn’t able to digest most of it.  Monday we started out with a crash course in micrometeorology, but… Read More