Hello everyone,

I just realized it’s been  while since I’ve posted. We were planning to go out on the field for our last data collection today, but we will not be able to safely cross Boulder creek with this weather so we will hold off for now. Last week, we walked through that river up to our waist and held on tight since the water is still flowing very strong. We have enough data to make a small conclusion, so I’m just working on getting the results done now and we hope our final set of numbers fits our results…but if not, we’ll just edit as we go. On the bright side, the abstract is at a point where we can send it in if we want, but we’re waiting to see the final results before we turn it in.

Private life is keeping me pretty busy as well. With that and online classes and our deadlines for RECCS coming close, I’ve definitely got enough things on my plate to keep me busy! Sorry, no pictures yet. Hope you all had a good long weekend!

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  • Do be careful crossing Boulder Creek – we don’t want you carried away! It’s actually a good idea to get roped in before crossing. Maybe think about doing this for your last sampling trip.

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