Another Monday is here!  I am amazed at how quickly time has passed since we began this internship.  Only 5 more weeks and we will be done here.

Data collection came and went last week, with only a little dehydration and exhaustion.  Nothing to write home about, except that I’ll opt for some company on those long field days if there are those who want to come along.

Analysis of my first week of data was a bit surprising.  I’ll be interested to see what the results are from the coming weeks, and whether or not they are consistent with my hypothesis.

In other news: my laptop crashed this weekend.  That was inconvenient.  After more than a little teeth-grinding and cursing, though, I think my system restore worked.  I encourage everyone to back everything up.  Twice.

Here are a few photos from MRS, our outing with Jenny, and others from around my field site.  KT RECCS4 KT RECCS3 KT RECCS1 KT RECCS RECCS-4 RECCS-3 RECCS-2



One comment on “Week 5: Another Monday

  • You bring up a good point here, Kevin, and that is we all need to think about safety when we are in the field. Even if you are working with somebody in a similar location, it’s best to keep tabs on each other and check in during the day. We do have walky talkies to lend out, so please ask us if you would like to borrow a pair.

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