After checking out of the historic Culver Hotel in beautiful downtown Culver City we are on our way to the last stop of our trip, UCLA. We began the morning with a review of the importance of incorporating the 7 principles of ocean literacy into our curriculum. Remember to check out the ocean literacy website for some great information and teacher resources at The final, and again fascinating presentation of the week covered water quality and algal blooms in Santa Monica Bay by Anita Leinweber and Rebecca Shipe. Gwen Noda walked us through a great water density activity that really drove home the idea of temperature and salinity effects on ocean water. Then our wonderful COSEE West adventure was cut short by notification that our flight back to CO had been cancelled. So we spent the next few hours off and on trying to find a flight out of the area. In between conversations with multiple airline employees we created one-minute presentations on a website we found useful that others could refer to throughout the year as they incorporate ocean literacy into their curriculums. There were a host of valuable websites we were exposed to this week and we’re all anxious to try them out. In the meantime we were able to secure seats on a flight out of John Wayne Airport in Orange County, so our afternoon with our newfound California friends was cut short. Very sad!!!! We finally experienced the infamous stop-n-go traffic of the 405, but made it to the airport and on to a very crowded flight back to Colorado. Thanks to all for a great week!!!