Wednesday is another good day of learning.  Andrew and I had more fun than the other groups during the ‘Surface Circulation Model’ activity.  We used modeling clay and maps of the coast and ocean floor to create a replica of the east coast of the U.S.  Conducting fluid, which is cool by itself, was used to represent the ocean.  We blew air through straws to create currents while the fluid allows the observer to see the effects of land surfaces on the flow.  As much fun as we had tells me that our students will have a great time with this activity.  Similarities with air movement should be discussed with our students as well, especially since we live inland in a fairly windy mountainous enrivonment. 

Went to Giffith Park to see ALL of LA.  Ok, it’s too big to see all of it unless you are in an airplane.  However, it was a clear night and an awesome view.