We had an early morning boat trip where we were introduced to different types of research instruments.  The best part is that we ended up amist a TON of common dolphins.  These guys loved playing in the wake the boat made!!!

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  • Yes, this was a great highlight for the week. I have seen a couple of dolphins before and even observed a passing pod while scuba diving off the coast of Guanaja, and island off the northern coast of Honduras. However, we were able to boat into the middle of several hundred (that’s the number the captain gave to me) common dolphins that were feeding and playing a bit. An amazing experience for someone coming from Colorado. We’re waiting for Andrew to post some of the photos!

    We also toured the Ocean Institute at Dana Point, CA. One of the learning opportunities included ideas of how to introdce Boyle’s Law and Archimedes Principle to our students. We modified an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) and competed with other teams. Adam, who was on the rival team, demonstrated to all of us that he is doing a great job of teaching his two sons how to operate a remote control device. Or, perhaps he is just using that as an excuse to play on his play station. Nonetheless, he was able to scoop up sediment and grab an ocean artifact at the encouragement of his teammates and the taunting coming from a member of another team… ok, that was me. In the end, each team was successful and all had a good time. I don’t believe that this is an activity that I could bring to the classroom, but we had a great time anyhow.

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